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24 February 2011 @ 11:19 pm
This is a community for hanfic writers, set up by hanfic writers.

We know that some days the motivation to work on a multi-chapter story, or even a one-shot, just isn't there. Sometimes, we want to write, but all of our current projects are too involved and have sapped us of too much of our creativity. Or maybe the desire to write is there, but the ideas and inspiration are not. Perhaps we're just looking for that spark. That picture or that word or that sentence that breaks through the block in our minds and conjures up storylines and characters we've been desperately seeking for months.

That's what Words Are Few is all about!

How it Works

One of the moderators will start a prompt post on the community. It might be a song, a sentence, a picture, or just a word. There are no deadlines, no "winners", no restrictions.

If the prompt inspires you to write a short, please post your story as a comment on the prompt post. At the beginning of your comment, state they story title (if any), genre (optional), pairing (required), rating (required), and any warnings you feel are applicable (e.g. drug use, death, abuse, graphic sex/violence, bad language, etc.). People can leave feedback in reply to your comments. If you would like to continue your short outside of the community, that's great! But on this community, we're focused on that first, brief flash of inspiration and whatever it results in, so we ask that short stories posted here be approximately 500 words long at most.


1) No hate. Constructive criticism is fine, but bashing, flaming, trolling, etc. is NOT.

2) As long as you state your story's rating, pairing and any applicable warnings at the beginning of your response when you comment with your short, you can write whatever you like. No one is obligated to read any genre or pairing they do not wish to read about.
If you do not state the rating/pairing/warnings, you will be asked to. If you still don't, your short will be removed.

3) No stealing! If you see a short written by another writer, and it inspires you to write something longer based on that idea, ASK the writer before using it!

4) If you have a prompt suggestion, PM it to a moderator. To keep the community from being spammed by too many prompts, only moderators can start posts here.

You will need to JOIN to view the prompts!

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Let us know!